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Blue Zones Fraud, Top Longevity Tests and Foundations for Longevity with Dr. Simon Baarbe

Today I had the pleasure to speak with my friend, Dr. Simon Baarbe, who is the Medical Director at Total Fusion and a longevity and metabolic health concierge doctor, about longevity and preventative health. There are a lot of misconceptions and over-hyped products and tests in the longevity world and in this talk we cover the most important basics and foundations around longevity - particularly around preventative screening using testing and imaging for the major causes of mortality. We talk about important tests to complete as a regular longevity screening such as ApoB, Omega Index, CT Angiogram, Pulse Wave Analysis, Whole Body MRI and more. Then we dive into the foundations of maintaining health for longevity and cover topics with some contention such as fasting and protein and the importance of fitness and physical health for longevity.

*MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: Everything discussed in this episode is for educational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. Always speak to your doctor before making any changes to your medical or lifestyle routine.

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