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If you feel like you've lost your edge and your health is suffering…

It's Time to Realise Your Full Potential
and Become the Best Version of Yourself

Gain Unlimited Energy, Increased Drive and Motivation, Boost Testosterone, Optimise Cognitive Performance and Enhance Your Longevity naturally!

Want to see if you might be suffering with low testosterone and sub-optimal health?
Take the Men's Health Quiz below to find out now.

If you're reading, this you've either started to notice your health has been declining

or you feel like you've lost the edge you used to have when you were younger.

❌ Maybe you've started to notice you're putting on fat and it seems to be harder to burn off...


❌ You're constantly feeling tired or burnt out when you used to have an unlimited amount of energy...


❌ You can't seem to focus and are constantly in a state of brain fog...


❌ Your not training at the same intensity and you're not recovering as quickly as you used to...

❌ You've started getting gut issues that are affecting your overall health...

❌ Your libido and sex drive is nowhere where it used to be...

Or maybe you realise there is more that you can get out of your health and performance

because you want to thrive and be optimal, not just "normal"...

You live a high performance life and you want to show up as your best for your family, your friends or your team....

And you need to make sure you can cognitively keep up with the busy and productive lifestyle you have...

You want to make sure you live well into old age and optimise your lifespan AND healthspan!

You don't have to accept "NORMAL"

You've probably been to the doctor and they told you everything looks "normal".


Maybe they've told you your "just getting older"....😒


But this is ridiculous, you should be able to live with an abundance of energy and vitality well into old age!


And you know you don't feel as good as you used to or as good as you want to and don't want to accept being normal...


Becuase let's face it, sadly "normal" today means overweight, multiple diseases, suffering with mental health issues and low testosterone...


📑 In fact, did you know that the average 20 year old male today now has the testosterone that a 70 year old had only a generation ago??


Not the picture of ideal health!


Unfortunaley most doctors are simply looking for disease and not for what is optimal for you.


Often their not even looking at things that are wrong in the right way either.


There is a Better and More Effective Way

to Optimise Your Health to THRIVE and Not Just Survive.

After over a decade of working with people, I've honed my own personal method to help people just like you gain an abundance of energy, enhance their focus and motivation, improve their recovery and training, boost their testosterone, improve their mood, overcome chronic conditions and much more!


I do this by taking a holistic and personalised approach utilising precision tools like lab testing, personalised supplementation and biohacks.


Thanks to a deep dedication to understanding physiology and by implementing unconventional and often unknown protocols based on the latest science,

I've helped countless men achieve their goals faster and more effectively.

My Method - The Evolved Health Method

My method combines ancestral wisdom and modern science to holistically address the core pillars of health:


​Mindset | Environment | Sleep | Stress | Nutrition | Movement

I’ve developed this method from over 10 years in the industry and countless hours of research, courses, clinical practice and self experimentation.

More specifically it uses the latest understanding in Systems Biology, Evolutionary & Functional Medicine, Personalised and Precision Medicine and Biohacking to provide a comprehensive framework to discover the root cause of peoples issues or create a deep understanding of each person's bioindividuality. With a deep understanding of physiology and molecular biology, I’m able to provide in-depth personalised recommendations most other practitioners are not familiar with. This framework has helped countless clients overcome chronic conditions and optimise all aspects of their life.

Skip the Trial and Error Using My Science Backed Protocols

Feel like you're 'guessing' your way to better health, without any real strategy or plan?


Do you feel like you've tried so many things and yet nothing has really worked?


Spent countless hours trying to watch YouTube videos or read reddit threads

but still not getting the results you want?


Tried this product or that biohack but not really noticing a difference?


Not only does this potentially waste your time, money and energy, it can even be dangerous as so many online guru's don't actually have a medical background and could be recommending things that are potentially harmful.


I get it, I've been there too.


I've spent countless hours reading research, taking courses, studying textbooks, watching videos and personally testing protocols and self experiments.


I've spent years crafting science backed recommendations and actually working with peolpe so I know what works and what doesn't.


And you can access all my knowledge with 1 on 1 coaching and mentoring.


This knowledge allows you to cut the time, money and headache of trial and error by getting clinically validated and evidence based protocols that get results!

Cut out the guess work and apply a science backed system to

Achieve Your Goals Faster and Realise Your Full Potential!

This vs That.jpg

Who Is This NOT For?

I only work with a maximum of 10 people at a time and only work with people who are dedicated, committed and action takers.


If you're looking for quick fixes and someone to do the work for you...


If you're not fully committed to putting the time, money and effort towards optimising your health....


If you're not willing to make significant changes to your lifestyle and nutrition...


If you don't have high standards and hold yourself accountable to those standards....


This then isn't for you.




If you want to live a life of abundance and be the version of yourself...


If you want limitless energy, motivation, drive and focus...


If you want to optimise your testosterone, recovery and muscle mass...


Improve your gut health, sleep, stress resilience and overall health...


Optimise your longevity...


This this IS for you!

If you're ready to TAKE ACTION and optimise your health, Book a FREE Discovery Call Now!

What Others Are Saying

Steve E.

I first met Richard searching for a physio to treat an ongoing elbow tendonitis issue. Not only did he fix my elbow but opened me to the world of health optimisation. Since then Richard has been my go-to guy for all things health, fitness and wellbeing related. A true wealth of knowledge.

About Me

I’ve been in the health industry for over 10 years having helped a range of people from athletes and executives to every day dads and people suffering with chronic disease.


Thanks to my overwhelming curiousity and passion for health I am always driven to learn everything I can about how to optimise health, performance and longevity.


In my youth I grew up playing sports which is where I first started to dive into how I could optimise my own performance. Testing different dietary approaches, supplements, recovery strategies and biohacks.


Having competed in hockey in my youth and muay thai and martial arts in my later years, as well as being a strength and conditioning coach, nutritionist and physiotherapist, I've had a lot of experience around optimising my performance personally and based on scientific literature.


Eventually, due to a genetic predisposition and a lifestyle of overtraining, stress and the typical youngers years of excessive drinking and partying, I eventually had to deal with some chronic issues like low energy, injuries and poor recovery, gut dysfunction and autoimmunity.


After working with different practitioners and countless hours researching and testing different methods and protocols, I've learned invaluable lessons and approaches to overcoming chronic conditions and optimsing health and performance.


Later in my years I even ran a series of multidisciplinary clinics focused around functional medicine, health optimisation and longevity with a full suite of practitioners including doctors, nurses, physios, dietitians and health coaches.


I've spent my entire life involved and obsessed in the space of health optimisation and longevity!


Now my aim is to help struggling and aspiring men to optimise their health, performance and longevity to be their best version of themselves to best serve those around them!


I believe healthy and strong men are an indispensable foundation to their family, friends, teammates and society!




  • Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice (IFM)

  • Gastrointestinal Advanced Practice Module (IFM)

  • Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner

  • FDN Functional Blood Chemistry

  • Microba Certified Microbiome Practitioner

  • SmartDNA/Smart Gut Certified Practitioner

  • BioCeuticals Clinical Services DNA Interpretation

  • Probiotic Advisor Advanced Probiotic Prescribing

  • Practical Nutrition for Allied Health

  • Certified Primal Health Coach

  • Certified Sports Nutritionist Precision Nutrition

  • Masters of Physiotherapy Studies

  • Specialised Honours Bachelor of Kinesiology



  • Nutripath, RN Labs, iScreen

  • SmartDNA / SmartGut

  • Microba

  • Kresser Institute ADAPT Academy

  • Examine Research Digest

  • Functional Diagnostic Nutrition

  • Research Nutrition

  • FX Medicine

  • Nutrisearch

  • BioCeuticals

  • Metagenics

  • BioConcepts

  • Masterclass with Masterjohn – Biochemistry & Nutrition

Working With Me

  • Comprehensive 75 Minute Initial Consultation

  • Medical, Family, Lifestyle History Review and Disease Risk Assessment

  • Personalised Health Plan including Nutrition, Testing, Supplement and Biohacking Recommendations

  • Adnvaced Lab Testing Analysis

  • Quarterly Reviews and Fortnightly Check-Ins

  • Unlimited Digital Communications

  • Unlimited Program Revisions

  • Discount on Practitioner Grade Supplements

  • Access to Online Community, Courses and Cheat Sheets

  • Software Tracking for Goals and Health Metrics

  • Analysis of Wearables Data

  • Ongoing Research Tailored to You

  • Evidence Based Protocols

  • Virtual Practice Accessible Anywhere Anytime


My Guarantee

My role is to guide and share my knowledge to give you the tools to implement tactics for effective results.


I promise to go above and beyond in providing you the best possible service I can. With that commitment from me, my expectation is that you also commit to your success and strive to give me the same effort that I give you to ensure we achieve great results together.


Because this process requires you to do the work, I cannot guarantee results as they are ultimately in your hands.


However, if after your programs duration you have not seen an improvement in your health subjectively or objectively, and you can show you have completed your assigned tasks, I will continue to work with you beyond your program duration free of charge up to a month or over an agreed duration.


*T&C's apply


Learn More About My Method

Functional Medicine Full.jpg

Functional Medicine

The conventional medical model typically focuses on masking symptoms and is poorly suited to addressing chronic issues or optimising health.


Functional Medicine focuses on finding and addressing the underlying causes of dysfunction through a holistic, systems based approach that utilises advanced diagnostics to provide a personalised approach to improving your health naturally.


Instead of looking at the body in parts we address the whole body and give it the tools to naturally heal and optimise itself.

Evolutionary Medicine

Evolutionary Medicine takes the understanding of evolution to help us determine how to address our underlying biology and physiology to improve disease and overall health.


Our biology was shaped over millions of years of evolution, and unless we recognise this, we simply cannot improve health in the modern day.


By understanding our evolutionary past, we can understand how the modern environment is causing us to have poor health.


This is the Evolutionary Mismatch theory to disease.


Lab Testing

With the advancements in biomarker assessments and investigations, we are now moving into the world of Precision and Personalised medicine, where we can create tailor-made treatments and recommendations specific to your biochemistry.


The combination of these technologies with a Preventative approach allows us to unlock unprecedented methods to help people overcome chronic disease and optimse their health, performance and longevity.


Investing in biomarker testing should be a must if you're serious about optimising you health.


Biohacking takes the drive to be the best that you can be and combines it with the latest in science and technology to help you quantify your health and take actionable steps to optimise every aspect of your physiology.

We now live a day where the every day person has access to technology that can drastically increase their quality of life, performance and longevity. The knowledge we have attained through research continues to extend the reaches of our abilities as humans. Take a leap in and see just good you can actually feel!

  • Do you work with people outside Australia?
    Yes, I work with people all around the world via telehealth
  • How much does it cost to work with you?
    I typically work with people on a minimum 3 month commitment. 3 month program: $1200 per month 6 month program: $1000 per month 12 month program: $850 per month I do offer one-off appointments for select clients, book a discovery call to learn more.
  • Are testing and supplements included?
    No, testing and supplements are an additional cost.
  • How do I get testing done?
    I will provide an authorising for your testing and you either go into a local draw clinic with the authorisation or complete the test at home depending on the tests.
  • Can I stop the program at any time?
    Yes, I do not believe in making people stay in a program if they are not fully committed. However, there is a 30 day cancellation notice.
  • What does unlimited digital communications mean?
    It means that you have access to me 24/7 via my software's portal or via WhatsApp or email. This is not included with one-off appointments.
  • Do you see clients in person?
    No, I don't currently see any clients in person, all sessions are via telehealth.
  • Do you offer genetics and methylation testing?
    Yes, I offer a range of genetic tests and whole genome sequencing along with both genetic and functional methylation tests. I have extensive training in genetics and understanding their influence on physiology and health.
  • Can I use my private health?
    Yes, you can use private health under Allied Health services. You must first pay up front and then you will receive a statement after each appointment upon request to submit your claim.
  • Do you work with children?
    No, I do not work with anyone under the age of 18.
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