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Richard Game

Functional Medicine Practitioner, Performance Coach, Biohacker

I'm passionate about helping people optimise their mental and physical performance. Combining ancestral wisdom with functional medicine, I help and empower people to optimise every aspect of their health, performance and longevity.


My philosophy is about the pursuit of excellence and helping people realise their full potential to live their best life possible throughout their entire life, with health and vitality, well into old age. 


However, far too many people in the modern day have become accustomed to living sub-optimally with multiple symptoms or diseases affecting how they show up in the world. Through optimising health, performance and longevity people can operate at their fullest to look and feel amazing to best serve themselves and those around them, whether family, friends, teammates or staff. 


The core tenant to improving health in the modern day is the recognition that our modern lives are not aligned with our biology from an evolutionary sense. Understanding this while taking advantage of modern science and technology provides a powerful combination to optimise health and performance. By utilising Evolutionary & Functional Medicine principles with Performance Coaching and Biohacking, we can realign the body with what nature intended while also enhancing it with modern tools to quickly and drastically improve health, performance and longevity.




Modern Science



The Evolved Method

My method combines ancestral wisdom and modern science to holistically address the core pillars of health:







I’ve developed this method from over 10 years in the industry and countless hours of research, courses, clinical practice and self experimentation. 

More specifically it uses the latest understanding in Systems Biology, Evolutionary & Functional Medicine, Personalised and Precision Medicine and Biohacking to provide a comprehensive framework to discover the root cause of peoples issues or create a deep understanding of each person's bioindividuality. With a deep understanding of physiology and molecular biology, I’m able to provide in-depth personalised recommendations most other practitioners are not familiar with. This framework has helped countless clients overcome chronic conditions and optimise all aspects of their life.


About Me

I’ve been in the health industry for over 10 years having helped a range of people from athletes and executives to people suffering with chronic disease. During this time I’ve spent countless hours studying, researching, experimenting and personally testing a range of different tools and strategies. Thanks to my passion (some would say obsession) for health, I often bring new and often unknown strategies to help my clients overcome their hurdles or get that extra boost they were looking for. On top of that, having been an athlete and suffered with my own health issues (IBS, autoimmunity and a few other issues), I know first hand what my clients are often going through and how best to implement strategies for long term results. 

At the core of my philosophy is a striving for excellence. Over the years as I’ve continued to learn and practice, my beliefs, knowledge and ideas have evolved and changed. However, I have come to realise that there has always been an underlying principle moving me forward – self cultivation. To continually strive to grow and become better than I was the days, months or years before. Philosophers from different eras have also called this the considered life or the examined life. To live a purposeful and meaningful life through reflection, logic, choice and action - and not reaction. To create the life that you want for yourself and not a life that is created by the environment or people around you and their desires. Originally my foray into this philosophy, before I realised that’s what it was, started with physical practices such as martial arts. One of the most profound ways to conquer self and tame the mind is through physical cultivation. Along with physical practices comes the drive to improve one’s performance through training, nutrition, mindfulness, biohacking and a host of other practices. This allowed me to use the same energy to expand my knowledge into these fields. This eventually grew beyond physical practices into intellectual and academic ones, which has brought me to where I am today. I have spent years cultivating myself across a multitude of modalities such as gymnastics, meditation and breath work, nutrition, evolutionary and functional medicine, sports medicine, longevity, performance psychology, productivity and much more. To live a life of meaning and purpose, my aim is now to help people optimise their health and performance through a culmination of all that I’ve learned over the years, both with individual people and within the larger field of healthcare and education.

I believe that to truly optimise health and performance, one must take a holistic approach that addresses all the facets and complexities of being human. Combining ancestral health practices with modern science gives us a powerful tool to live an optimal life in the modern day.



  • Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice (IFM)

  • Gastrointestinal Advanced Practice Module (IFM)

  • Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner

  • FDN Functional Blood Chemistry

  • Microba Certified Microbiome Practitioner

  • SmartDNA/Smart Gut Certified Practitioner

  • BioCeuticals Clinical Services DNA Interpretation

  • Probiotic Advisor Advanced Probiotic Prescribing

  • Practical Nutrition for Allied Health

  • Certified Primal Health Coach

  • Certified Sports Nutritionist Precision Nutrition

  • Masters of Physiotherapy Studies

  • Specialised Honours Bachelor of Kinesiology



  • Nutripath, RN Labs, iScreen

  • SmartDNA / SmartGut

  • Microba

  • Kresser Institute ADAPT Academy

  • Examine Research Digest

  • Functional Diagnostic Nutrition

  • Research Nutrition

  • FX Medicine

  • Nutrisearch

  • BioCeuticals

  • Metagenics

  • BioConcepts

  • Masterclass with Masterjohn – Biochemistry & Nutrition

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